Dave Landon... A great choice for your voiceover needs!

Looking for a clear, articulate, yet relatable voice? Dave Landon is that guy! Whether the project calls for a “corporate, voice-of-authority” style or more of an “everyman” (i.e., “natural speak”) delivery, audiences connect with Dave’s credible, easy to listen to sound. His neutral U.S. English accent and warm, rich voice combined with God-given talent and years of training and experience make Dave a great choice for your voiceover and narration projects!

Just as important as Dave’s “voice” is his sense of integrity and his commitment to providing a quality service to each one of his clients. A freelance, non-union professional voice actor based in Beaverton, Oregon (near Portland), Dave prides himself on giving every project the individual attention it deserves, taking time to internalize, understand, and interpret your script, adding nuance, emotion, and inflection in a way that doesn’t sound like he’s “reading” a script. If you want a professional announcer who doesn’t sound like an announcer, Dave is your man! Dave prioritizes close communication with his clients and is highly responsive to their feedback and instruction.

Why hire a pro in the first place, you might ask? In short, because with very rare exception, when it comes to voice recordings or “voice acting”, you definitely get what you pay for. If this is the first time you’ve considered hiring a professional you might be wondering if it’s really justified. Some folks believe announcing and voice acting is easy and anyone can do it. That is, they think that until they try to scrimp on the voice when the project really called for a professional.

While "Fred in Accounting" might have a great, natural voice, if he lacks professional training and experience he’s going to come across like an amateur – and so will your production. You can certainly try doing it “on the cheap”, and you might actually luck out –Fred might do a decent job (either way, he should get a bonus on his next paycheck!) Chances are, however, that by attempting to cut corners on one of the most important aspects of the production you will effectively ruin the whole thing.

Remember, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link", and the voice that delivers the words of your message is a very important link indeed!

The determining factor in deciding whether or not you should pay – as well as how much you should pay – for voice recording services is largely a matter of the level of quality, professionalism, and impact you are going for in your overall production. If you're making a YouTube video to demonstrate your favorite hobby, you might not be able to justify paying a professional voice actor (even though it might make it sound pretty cool!)

If, however, you're promoting your business, organization, or delivering any other message on a professional level, then in most cases you will seriously hurt your cause by trying to cut corners. Simply put, a professional message calls for a professional voice.

This doesn't mean you necessarily need to fork over a huge amount of money to get a quality voice pro to help you out. In today's world a few hundred dollars or less will often suffice for the hiring of just the right person to really make your production sizzle!

If you'd like a little bit more explanation as to why it's worth it to hire someone with not just talent but also training and experience to be the voice of your message, keep in mind that a great deal more than just a pleasant voice goes into the creation of an effective, compelling, professional quality voice recording. There are a lot of subtle variables most people never think of, such as…

  • articulation
  • script interpretation
  • vocal inflection
  • vocal intonation
  • vocal nuance
  • timing
  • phrasing
  • pace

and more.

"But what am I getting for my money?" you might ask. When you hire the right, professional voice talent, here's what you're paying for…

  • the ability to make your script sound the way it should sound
  • the ability to connect with your target audience and impact them in a certain way
  • the ability to accurately reflect your brand image (or mission, vision, etc.)
  • the ability to enhance your image, credibility, trustworthiness, and value in the mind of your audience

The human voice is an incredible instrument and one of the most powerful ways in which we interact with one another. It's a means through which you can reach out and connect with and influence each member of your audience individually and intimately. It's worth bringing in the right voice for such an important job.

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